Haul a Day Junk Removal has seen a lot of changes over the past seventeen years on how we separate the Recycling from the Waste Material. The amount of recycling presently diverted has without question changed our organization techniques and increased dramatically our loading and turn around times. The days of load it, dump it and on to the next job no longer exists.  Fifteen years ago a typical load was brush, TVs, mattresses, computer monitors, printers, fluorescence bulbs, electronic devices and loose paper; today they are all banned from the landfill.

Some Quick Facts: The CRD services 340,000 people, receives 140,000 tons of waste per year and it now has the capacity to accept Solid waste until 2035. Victoria has also beaten National targets as of 2012 and the BC Electronic Waste Programs is the first to be implemented in North America. This is quite an accomplishment for the CRD and the Province of British Columbia.

Our Commitment to Recycle:  Haul a Day Junk  Removal Company diverted 100% of all recyclables from being dumped at the CRD Landfill, resulting in a much smaller “Carbon Footprint.” We also pride ourselves in donating much needed articles back to the less fortunate in our Community.  These recycling procedures increases the probability that the 2035 landfill life may be extended. 

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