We Are The Realtor’s Choice

Emergency Junk Removal: The property is closing and the junk is still on the driveway, give us a call.  We have 17 Years of experience in making sure your closing goes smoothly.  We can dispatch our crew and get the job done.  Payment by phone and invoice you immediately by email.

Junk Free Properties Sell Faster:   A de-cluttered house is more visually appealing and appears roomier, which improves property value and speeds up money in your pocket!

Client Appreciation Gift:  Make Your Client’s Life Easier:  Clients use our service to reduce the stress of their move and ensures their house remains junk free for a quicker sale.   When the property clears, reimburse them as a gift.  A win-win situation!

 Liability Insurance:  We have 3 million dollars of Commercial liability and good standing with WCB.  We can provide documentation and referrals upon request.

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