Estate Junk Removal Services

Haul a Day Estate Cleanup Services has 17 years of experience in handling the difficult and sensitive task of clearing out a Family member’s home.  We also aid in the collaboration with Social Workers, Auction Companies, Moving Companies, Guardians, Attorneys, Building Managers as well as Community and Public Agencies. We pride ourselves in making sure we give our Clients 110% satisfaction, ensuring an excellent result.  

Referrals:  Many of our Clients are from out of town and do not have any contacts in Victoria. We have an extensive referral system to help them line up appointments before they arrive.  On occasion we will do that task for them upon request.

We have had a number of sites and people that have asked if we know a good cleaning company to help them after we remove all their junk. We are happy to recommend Greenway Carpet Cleaning Ltd, a local, family-owned company specializing in environmentally friendly carpet, area rug and upholstery cleaning for over 20 years.

What we do: Our Estate Cleanup Services includes Removing all Rubbish, Trash, Spoiled Food, Recycling, Appliances, Gardening Debris and Household Chemicals safely at their appropriate Depots.  No matter where on the premises or how big it is, we will make it happen! 

Commitment to Recycle:  Our Estate  Junk Removal Company diverted 100% of all recyclables from being dumped at the CRD Landfill, resulting in a much smaller “Carbon Footprint.” We also pride ourselves in donating much needed articles back to the less fortunate in our Community. 

Low Cost Service:  Local Company local Prices. Haul a Day Ltd. is not a Franchise, we pass the savings on to the Client.

Liability Insurance:  We have 3 million dollars of Commercial liability and good standing with WCB.  We can provide documentation and referrals upon request.

Estate Junk Removal



I think there are very few fellows who would of hung in there like you did these last 2 days.  You lived up to everything you promised and then some, I am so grateful.  Sandra has been singing your praises all evening too….about how good natured you are and what a great sense of humor you’ve maintained throughout.  Sooo relieved that dreadful job is competently and quickly.

It has been a great pleasure meeting you. I shall write something grand for your website to be sure.